Tuesday, 12 November 2013


This is a tradition in GLAM where new CDMs are celebrated in a glamorous and majestic event. Hence, GLAM organized GLAM dinner 2013 for that purpose. This time, GLAM dinner has taken place in Marriott Hotel Putrajaya. It was held just right after MUT had finished. So, we ended up rushing to putrajaya from MIECC just to ensure that we didn't miss the beginning of the dinner.

I cannot describe how marvelous and terriffic the event was. I still could remember last year, it was only three of us attended the event, Kak Jue, Farouk and I. At times I felt so timid and shy as there was none I knew other than these two. This year, Alhamdulillah, my partners all over Malaysia came joining the event. In less than two years, my group have expended drastically. Thanks to all hardwork played by my business partners and also my leader DDM Ajue Rashid. Without them, I am nothing. Syukur kepada Allah memberi rezeki melimpah ruah. 

There so much more I would like to share but I won't finish in just a page. I need at least 2 days 1 night to finish all (hehe...over pulak). Hence, I let the pictures storytell you everything. Enjoy! 

Some of the candies served for pre-dinner 

My gorgeous leader DDM Ajue Rashid

My business partners, bakal DSM Intan farvin (right) and SSM Hanis Izzati

Here you go, my famous buddy and business partner DSM Farouk Harun

My babe, Atiq and SSM Sofea (far right)

Ladies in my team, joined by SSM Anys (far right)

Taking a good snap with GLAM founder CDM Hanis Haizi

Buddy in crime, DSM Farouk, DSM Haikal, SM Jae Hashim

Medium well beef steak with mashed potato and asparagus for main course

Strawberry Sorbet garnished with mint leaf

Mushroom soup and garlic breadstick

Sliced grilled chicken with young papaya salad and thai dressing for entree

I love this pic so muchhhhh!

Candidates for best dress of the night

Men in Galaxy team

A panel of CDMs in GLAM. Strong and dynamic.

Rising stars in Galaxy team 

Best dress for woman category. Congrats Jajalee

With my companion of the night. Thanks Atiq. 

With gorgeous and marvellous Kakaks of the night. All dresses memang are to die for.hehehe

World Innovation Forum Kuala Lumpur (WIFKL 2013)

      For the first time ever, GLAM was offered to join the biggest entrepreneurship exhibition of the year which is World Innovation Forum Kuala Lumpur (WIFKL 2013). This yearly event will be held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) from 12 Nov to 14 Nov 2013

        Come and visit our booth number 143 & 144. Get to know what GLAM is all about and get yourself special goodies from us. 

Be there and see you there!!

Monday, 11 November 2013

Hai O Marketing 21st Annual Anniversary Celebration

      Finally again this year, Hai O had successfully pulled off its annual anniversary. Marked on the 9th November in calendar, this annual event, this time, has taken place in Mines International Convention Centre (MIECC). Being witnessed by over 1000 company's entrepreneurs from all over Malaysia, the event is seen as one of the most anticipated event of the year. Everyone was looking forward to attending this MUT.

A part of thousand crowd who attended the event

       Like the previous years of celebration, MUT is purposely held to celebrate entrepreneurs who have achieved the highest level in business which is Crown Diamond Manager. A title that everyone in the company is aiming at. Watching CDMs walked charismatically on the stage with beautiful dresses and spouse by their side really mesmerised everyone in the hall. It covertly sent a message to us that nothing is impossible if we strive and work hard. 
      This year, 14 CDMs made it to the stage and I am proudly to announce that 6 of them are GLAMpreneurs from Green Leaders Academy Malaysia (GLAM) and hence making GLAM as the team which produced the most number of CDMs this year. 

More than 200 CDMs were on stage that day

 Panel of VVIP including Minister of KPDNKDK

Laser shot performance by talented dancers

Special performance by Misha Omar (credit to rawlins.com)

Wait there's more. This year annual celebration has also been a bitter sweet memory to one of our CDMs in GLAM, CDM Maisarah Ibrahim. She was appointed as one of the speakers to share her successful story. Again, this is a clear evidence to show that GLAM does not merely rest on its fancy name but it proves that it is a dynamic and productive team. 
CDM Maisarah alongside with GLAM founder CDM Hanis Haizi

      In conclusion, the event was really aspiring especially to young entrepreneurs like us to achieve the same thing. Hai O Marketing has provided a concrete platform, awesome products and profitable marketing plan to its entrepreneurs and thus helping Malaysian, at large, to improve the living style to a better one. 

My team and our leader DDM Ajue Rashid

I am grateful for being introduced to a dynamic group like GLAM. The fact that it has already expended to international level has proven its well known status and reputation as the biggest social media marketing group to date. Well Done GLAM!!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Business Opportunity With GLAM

Business Opportunity with Mineral Coffee

Restaurant, cafe, canteen, small kiosk or coffee shops owner.

GLAM offers you a big CHANCE  to EXPAND your business marketing without changing your core business. 

Under GLAMpreneurship programme

We provide:
1. FREE consultation
2. FREE Coaching
3. FREE Marketing Class
4. Solid and profitable marketing/business plan

 Every single steps will be guided and learn how to generate solid liquid cash up to 4, 5 or 6 figures (you name it, we help to realise it).

That's not all, under GLAMpreneurship, you are entitled to get:

(A) 67% Bonus (up to 6 figures)

(B)Retails profit

(C) FOC trips 3 times a year (Europe, Asia, Southeast Asia)

(D)Car Fund (free installment for your car every month)

(E) Recognition from the company

(F) Coaching and marketing strategy from well known business moghul and figures from GLAM

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Coffee is hazardous??

Everyone has their own verdict and opinion regarding health cautious facts. Nonetheless, sometimes these misleading facts create myths and eventually become a taboo in society. 

I would like to share one infamous myth regarding coffee intake. 

Some say coffee is not good for health and some say otherwise.

Basically these two opinions are right. 

GOOD- yes, coffee is good for our health. The sufficient amount of coffee can help to protect our body from cancer cells. (I read this somewhere)

UNHEALTHY- it's hazardous if the intake is excessive and more than what your body could take.

I repeat EXCESSIVE!!

Today I woke up and flipped over an NST and stated in the LIFE&TIMES Health section was an interesting write up about MYTH DEBUNK by Michael Mosley. He posits a few counter arguments regarding health related myths that have been floating around for too long. One of it is about Coffee. His view is based on numerous retrospective studies where the benefits of coffee is carefully studied.

A report from "The Relationship of Coffee Consumption With Mortality" which was published in Annal of Internal Medicine" had found that moderate coffee intake appears to be mildly protective to our body. (This is what written in the section and I am not making it up)

So what is an ideal coffee intake?

It is suggested in the study and also other studies that the "most effective dose" is from 2 to 5 cups per day. Any additional more than that, all benefits for your health drop off. 

While some easily dozing off although they consume regardless of how much coffee, others might suffer the side effects of insomnia after taking the a good sip. 

Well, science always has the answer. Scientists figured out that caffeine has less effects if our liver produces TONS of enzyme CYPIA2. The higher level of enzyme CYPIA2, the more speedy clearance of caffeine out from our body. Hence, coffee seems do not have its effect to our sleeping rotation. 

It's a brief sharing but I guess a worthy one. If you have any extra info, you are welcome to drop in the comment box below. I hope you enjoy reading this and let's take good care of our health.